Thursday, November 18, 2010

Banner time!

As much as I would love to spend all my money at, alas my funds are limited.  I just love the look of homemade banners and have seen so many excellent examples of different styles and I wanted very much to make one. I just couldn't justify the expense of the dies when I knew I could manage a similar shape with my Cricut and SCAL software.

Sure enough, SCAL 2 comes with a shape that works very well as a banner.  I made the first cut in Dark Chocolate and the slightly smaller one in Terracotta Tile.  I then made the cute little accents in 2 shades of Distressed Dots with a touch of Fine Linen border at the top of each one and Terracotta Tile for the ribbon with a Harvest Gold bow at each end to mimic the Dots papers.  Using the Cricut again for the letters and the leaf and star die this banner was pretty straight forward to assemble.  After finishing I realized that I didn't use any stamping in its creation.  I'll make a card later to make up for not getting inky.

Once completed, I was stumped for a bit on how to hang it.  I finally decided to use some small nails meant for hanging pictures.  I works fine but I hope to find a better solution.  If I make more (and I plan to), I don't want to be pounding new nail holes in my mantle each time I change the banner.  Anyone with a better solution, please let me know.

I have many of my Holiday cards completed and will start posting pic's.  I always make each one unique to prevent boredom and stretch my imagination.  I don't have so many to make that I get burned out making them and have really enjoyed using new and unexpected colors on a few.  Be sure to check back and see them.

Well, today is my Anniversary... 37 years!  We had planned on the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter but all 3 midnight shows are already sold out.  We purchased tickets for a late afternoon showing tomorrow and I was able to get them for the digital version.  So excited!

Hope you enjoy my banner and come back soon for Christmas and Hanukkah cards!