Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PTI Blog Hop

The challenge:  Use an un-inked stamp set or one that you haven't used in a long time.
Response:  Thank you for MAKING me finally make my Birthday Calendar with the Calendar Set.  I bought this as a project for myself to keep all the birthdays and anniversaries organized and loved that it allowed room for a card or two in each pocket.

I kept the inserts clean and simple.  I plan on using the inserts over and over each year and buying and decorating a new binder (since that is the most fun part!) as each year starts again.

Oh, how this set made this project a snap.  I used a different PTI color for each month by cutting a strip the length of the insert.  I used this strip to help place the month stamp above it (and under the center hole of the binder rings).  Gosh, it turned out cute and exactly like I planned.  Ummm, that doesn't happen too often....

So here it is:  Best Part?  Anything I find I don't like about the binder, I will change next year.  I might add some buttons this year, though... I love buttons....

Thanks for hopping,