Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gypsy Tray!

I have wanted to create some type of Gypsy Tray for quite awhile.  Finally found one (a true 7Gypsies) on sale.  Then I discovered Kerri Bradford Studio.  She creates these awesome print and cut files specifically designed to fit in the Gypsy trays.  There are some amazing cut files that can be used for cards and scrapbook pages and she also makes templates for use in PSE.  Anyway, had to give it a go.  Here ( her original package and I just personalized it a bit.  I also discovered that my Cricut is terrible at the detailed cuts.  A new Silhouette Cameo is soooo going on my wish list.

Wait till you see the Spring one!  Have you ever made one or thought about it?  Love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wonderful weekend!

After working five Sundays in a row, I finally had a full weekend off.  I crafted, I rearranged (switched out 2 printers with each other) and FINALLY purchased Photoshop Elements.  I have used ACDSee for years and grew very comfortable with it.  It is very easy to do basic photo enhancing, resizing, etc.  It has many powerful tools, just like PSE does.  But.  There are templates and add ons that available for PS and PSE that just aren't there for ACDSee.  Particularly, templates and storyboards for scrapbooking.

My learning curve won't be from ground zero.  I have a very old copy of Photoshop that I have dabbled with for years but I still have a learning curve in front of me.  One, that I noticed right off the bat is that I have no idea how to eliminate curvature in my photos.  See my lovely 12 x 12 layout?  See how it doesn't look square?  Anyone know how to either prevent it or fix it?  I sure don't... but I'll figure it out.  See, another really great thing about PSE... there are tutorials everywhere.

Here's some scrapbooking goodies from this weekend:
Supplies are PTI with a little BoBunny PP for good measure.

Hope your weekend was wonderful, too!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long time, no see...

No, I didn't loose my crafting mojo.  I lost my blogging mojo.  I just seemed to need to walk away from my blog for a bit.

But, here I am and it is time to get ready for all the holiday cards.  I think most crafters love making cards for the holidays.  The choices are endless, so many stamps and you can go traditional or funky and... it's all good!

Mine tend to be on the more traditional side but I will throw down something "out there" every now and again.  I only make about 40 Christmas cards, 8 Hanukkah cards and a whopping 2 Winter Solstice cards.  Are there any traditional colors for Winter Solstice?  I usually go all out bright and cheerful for the solstice.  Maybe that's just me.

All supplies are PTI except for a few Waltzing Mouse Stamps sentiments that I just love.  Would love to know what you think...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PTI Blog Hop

The challenge:  Use an un-inked stamp set or one that you haven't used in a long time.
Response:  Thank you for MAKING me finally make my Birthday Calendar with the Calendar Set.  I bought this as a project for myself to keep all the birthdays and anniversaries organized and loved that it allowed room for a card or two in each pocket.

I kept the inserts clean and simple.  I plan on using the inserts over and over each year and buying and decorating a new binder (since that is the most fun part!) as each year starts again.

Oh, how this set made this project a snap.  I used a different PTI color for each month by cutting a strip the length of the insert.  I used this strip to help place the month stamp above it (and under the center hole of the binder rings).  Gosh, it turned out cute and exactly like I planned.  Ummm, that doesn't happen too often....

So here it is:  Best Part?  Anything I find I don't like about the binder, I will change next year.  I might add some buttons this year, though... I love buttons....

Thanks for hopping,