Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wall Art for Jack

I bought these letters for decorating Jack's room a little bit ago.  Finally, I got around to painting and decorating them.  I bought an inexpensive 6 pack of acrylic paint that had the primary colors, green, black and white.  I knew I was going to do his letters in the basic colors so I completed it first.  I have letters for Lily, too, which I will have to blend the colors to get the pink, purple and lavender that I want.

I have a ton of stickers and still tend to pick up a pack or 2 when on sale.  Using stickers and a few match box cars and 1 stop sign from his train set, I decorated them.  I think they will be cute as can be on his wall, as well as helping him learn his name.  The hard part is getting him to leave them alone.  The cars are NOT to be played with.  Since he is 4 yo now, I think he has enough self restraint to do so.

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BethieJ said...

Oh this turned our SUPER cute!! I STILL need to get my kiddos done.. I LOVE the cars you put on this!!