Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End of September

I can't believe it is the last day of September!  Boy, did it swoosh on by.  My Granddaughter had her corrective eye surgery today and it went very well.  It is so very scary thinking of a 3 lb premature baby (1lb 12 oz at birth)  that just got off the ventilator last week having to go back on the vent for eye surgery.  She came through this like a trooper as she has all her other issues and setbacks. She is already off the vent and back to her nasal cannula. She will be 9 weeks old on Friday!  Of course, since she was 15 weeks early, they still count her age in gestational weeks meaning she is at 34 weeks.  Her discharge will be around her 40th gestational week (ie. her original due date) as long as there are no other setbacks.  We don't even allow for that type of thinking now.  Her outlook is excellent and we sticking to it!

I have 2 cards today.  One is for my (other) Granddaughter's birthday in November... she will be 6 (going on 25) and the other is "Just Because" because you never know when you might need a card... well, just because.


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