Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to organize!

I am a horrible procrastinator.  For some reason, I just perform better under pressure so I tend to put things off as long as I can... often unconciously.  I have finally gotten around to re-doing my craft space.  WOW, is that inspiring.  Going through your long lost stash, finding bling and embellies that you have forgotten not only when you bought it but even where you bought it.  Looking at stickers that were "must haves" and now you go "huh?" So, being all newly inspired, I am quite a ways into the new space.  It has some more to go but that is OK.  It is wonderful to sit down, know where and what I have and the space to do it.  Why did it take me so long?.... because I am a procrastinator.

Here is a look at what my space had morphed into.  Thank goodness I ran out of tables!

There is one more table!

Here was my workstation:

And now?  Ta Da!

And I still have more to complete... shelves on the opposite wall and more of the modular units to purchase and assemble. (One at a time from Michael's at 40% off) Wo0t

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Noora said...

WOW..what a transformation!!! it looks so beautiful...i am green with envy!!